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The Chinese students Shi Wenhao, Qi Mengchan, Zhuoying Zheng, Li Yue’er (from left to right)
The Chinese students Shi Wenhao, Qi Mengchan, Zhuoying Zheng, Li Yue’er (from left to right)

September 22nd, 2015

After successfully participating in a marketing contest, four Chinese students recently came to Germany to take part in a job-shadowing program at KWS headquarters in Einbeck for one week. This was a unique opportunity for the winners to gain insights into a field of work of their choice, as well as give KWS further valuable exchanges on well-considered insights and opinions from the Chinese market.

“To improve talent sourcing and make fresh talent enthusiastic about KWS, we are constantly looking for new ways of win-win cooperation with universities,” Florian Bruhns of KWS Corporate Human Resources explains. A completely new step in these efforts was the the marketing competition that KWS initiated in May in cooperation with the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), a top university in China. UIBE in Beijing ranks as the second most popular university among Chinese students and, at the same time, is one of the top addresses in the international academic field. “It was therefore the right partner to make our company better known in the KWS target group and embed us more firmly as an employer of choice in the mindset of new talent in China,” Bruhns says.

The task of the contest started in May was for students to slip into the role of the head of KWS marketing or employer branding and to develop a strategy and implementation plan in teams of four in order to make KWS in China a top employer for university graduates. KWS was able to gain valuable insights for the company from the excellent results of the groups.

The “OrangeLand“ team, including Zheng Zhuoying, Li Yue’er, Qi Mengchan, and Shi Wenhao won with an outstanding concept. And the road to victory led the four students in fall to Germany, where they took part in a job-shadowing program at KWS headquarters in Einbeck. The team from China was impressed by the modernity, the cultural variety and social commitment at KWS. However, the Chinese students took the view that the pressure and drive regarding growth and digitalization could still be raised.

The successful contest was a start signal: Plans are now under way to establish such visits to Germany by Chinese graduates on an annual basis. Thanks to the many insights gained and also the major, positive response in Chinese student networks and DAAD’s network, KWS is furthermore considering expanding the contest to several universities in future. This should please the contest-loving Chinese.

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