Corporate Sustainability

The core issues of our company’s sustainable corporate development relate in particular to economics, product responsibility and corporate governance, as well as employees, the environment and society.

Core issues for sustainable development of KWS

Product quality

The quality of seed is one of the key competitive factors for KWS. It is geared toward the requirements of farmers and is ensured by means of extensive testing.

Product innovations

The goal of our research and breeding is to develop plant varieties that enable efficient and resource-sparing agriculture in the markets that are relevant to us.

Modern breeding methods

We use modern methods and develop them further so as to enable goal-oriented, efficient plant breeding.

Industrial property rights

We are committed to appropriate protection of intellectual property so that the high expenditure on research and development can be refinanced.

Product safety

KWS seed is safe for people and the environment. Extensive trials and analyses are conducted in accordance with official requirements in order to prove its safety.

Economic performance

A clear focus on core business and financial independence, liquidity and profitability has contributed to the company’s positive economic development.


We ensure compliance with the law and company requirements in a growing Group by means of effective compliance management.

Environmental, employment and social standards

As an internationally growing company we define values, rules, guidelines and standards in the field of employment,†environmental protection†and social welfare†for†our subsidiaries and associated companies as well as†business partners in the supply chain.

Securing Junior Staff and Employee Development

We tackle the challenge of acquiring and keeping qualified employees with tailored employer branding measures and talent sourcing activities.

Occupational Safety and Health Promotion

Early identification and initiation of measures relating to occupational safety and health for employees is of great importance.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Equal opportunities and rights for all employees, regardless of culture, nationality, gender and age, is a principle that is lived in all areas of KWS worldwide.

Product Ecology

We offer our customers extensive sales consulting and advice on cultivation which addresses the issues of eco-friendly, resource-optimized agriculture and thus helps protect soil and water and prevent a loss of biodiversity.

Plant and Process Safety

Proper operation of plant and facilities of relevance to the environment is governed in the Integrated Management System by plant- and process-specific operating, procedural and work instructions and is documented for regular repair, maintenance and controls.

Use of Resources

KWS’ environmental policy stipulates that resources must be used efficiently and ecologically and that waste from their use must be recycled and disposed in an environmentally-friendly way in all phases of the company’s value chain.

Social Commitment

Since the company was founded, KWS has strengthened its social environment through pinpointed funding and sponsoring in the regions.

Stakeholder Dialogue

Our lasting commercial success is predicated on trusted and constructive dialogue with our internal and external stakeholders so that we can anticipate the right topics.

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