About KWS

Breeding progress for 150 years

For more than 150 years quality and innovation have been the source of success for KWS. Our main products comprise sugar beet, maize and cereal seeds as well as seed of oil and field crops. Our markets are situated in the temperate climatic zones of the world.

As pioneers of sugar beet breeding we have contributed to the increase in productivity of sugar beet cultivation from an average sugar yield of 1,000 to 10,000 kg per hectare.Today we are the leaders in sugar beet seed on the worldmarket and at the same time we are an independent breeding company.

Our scientists concentrate on the various demands of agriculture and are constantly facing the challenge to offer new solutions for the improvement of variety performance and technical quality.

15 % of our turnover is annually re-invested in research and breeding. For this purpose we use the latest knowledge in molecular biology, plant breeding and seed research for the improvement of product quality. With a responsibility towards nature and society, we measure our breeding objectives, methods, and products by the criteria of longterm economic use of natural resources.