Partnering @ KWS

We at KWS believe that partnerships are key to facilitating the development and use of innovative technologies and approaches to improve plant breeding and agricultural methods. This is why we closely work together with academia, scientific organizations and industry all over the world to access the best science, complementary technologies, know-how and tools. We are always interested in pursuing a range of potential licensing and partnership opportunities for innovations that have a strategic fit with our portfolio. As a global plant breeding company and seed producer with activities in more than 70 countries, KWS provides an unique environment for further developing and commercializing your ideas.

We are interested in the following topics

Plant Traits

Herbicide tolerant sugarbeet
  • Technologies and methods to improve abiotic and biotic stress control
  • Agronomic performance traits such as yield enhancement per se
  • Technologies that confer herbicide tolerance

Genomics and Plant Breeding

Corn plants in nursery
  • Technologies to induce haploidy
  • Molecular marker technologies
  • Big data solutions for plant breeding

Enabling Tools, Technologies and Methods for Biotechnology

Preparation for plant genetic transformation
  • Technologies to improve plant genetic transformation
  • Gene delivery methods and tools
  • Tools, technologies and methods for targeted plant gene editing†

Precision Agriculture

Precision seeding
  • Optimizing field-related management through automation and sensor applications for monitoring and analyzing the plant canopy and conditions such as†nutrition and water status and pathogen and insect stress
  • GIS-based applications

Plant Phenotyping

Plants to be phenotyped in greenhouse
  • Enhancing field and greenhouse experimental trials through integrating tools, technologies and methods to quantify plant performance
  • Imaging systems for below and aboveground biomass for field and greenhouse environments

Seed Treatment

Corn grains for seed treatment
  • Biological-based solutions and chemistries for seed coating with pesticidal properties
  • Biological-based solutions and chemistries for seed coating to stimulate growth

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