Requirements for Suppliers and Service Providers

Values such as trust, mutual respect, integrity and sustainability are core values of KWS and have shaped the company’s reputation and identity. As an international company, it is important for KWS to ensure these values are also practiced throughout the supply chain. That goes in particular to ensuring socially responsible and environmentally-friendly production of the goods and services we procure.

In the past fiscal 2013/2014 we adapted our internal procurement regulations last fiscal year and expanded our General Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase to include the obligation to maintain human rights, core labor standards of the International Labor Organization, occupational safety and protection of the environment, business ethics, fair market conduct and data privacy. The requirements are compiled in a Code of Business Ethics for Suppliers, which will apply in future to all new agreements and be rolled out for all existing ones by June 30, 2016. Compliance with the regulations under the Code of Business Ethics for Suppliers will  be examined as part of planned audits or annual reviews.

Supplier Code:

  • Code of Business Ethics for Suppliers - ENGLISH [pdf | 0.04 MB] pdf Download
  • Code of Business Ethics for Suppliers - DEUTSCH [pdf | 0.16 MB] pdf Download

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